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Lihajaloste Korpela Meat Shop

  • P.+358 (02) 560 5600
  • Factory Shops
    Huittinen Mon-Fri klo 10–17
    Takkulantie 11, Huittinen P. +358 (02) 560 5668

    Kankaanpää Mon-Fri klo 9–17, Sat 9–14
    Venesjärventie 4, Kankaanpää P. +358 (02) 572 1405
  • asiakaspalvelu@lihajaloste-korpela.fi
  • www.lihajaloste-korpela.fi

Korpela is a meat company founded in 1958 in Satakunta. Our wide product range includes authentic smoke sauna products, traditional food and cold cuts, as well as various whole meat and specialty products.

All our products are professionally made from the best, high quality raw materials. When picking up Korpela’s products, you know that you are guaranteed to enjoy a tasty, high-quality delicacy.

Our company employs about one hundred food professionals. Our nationally known products are manufactured using traditional manufacturing methods at our production facilities in Huittinen and Honkajoki. We prepare our delicious serving products in the traditional way for their alder-scented aroma in an authentic Finnish smoke sauna.

On March 2, 2011, Lihajaloste Korpela Oy ‘s production facilities in Huittinen and Honkajoki were awarded the ISO 22000 food safety management quality certificate. The certificate has been issued by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.