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Lohijoki – West Coast Fishing Guides

  • Siltatie 190, 29250 Nakkila
  • P. +358 (0)40 831 5998
  • info@lohijoki.fi
  • www.lohijoki.fi

Lohijoki Oy – West Coast Fishing Guides

Experience fishing in a Lappish river boat. Book a day with a fishing guide to catch sea trout and salmon in one of Southern Finland’s best fishing destinations.

Guided fishing tours and courses

Lohijoki Ltd, West Coast Fishing Guides offers guided fishing tours and courses along river Kokemäenjoki by Nakkila rapids.
They also have an events and conference venue and a private fishing pier.

The professional guides have years of experience of fishing for salmon and sea trout in Finland, Sweden and Norway. You can choose between fishing from a rowing boat, riverbank fishing and fly fishing. And, of course, you will be equipped with high-quality fishing rods.

Fishing packages

In co-operation with local partners West Coast Fishing Guides will design a fishing package that fits your needs: fishing trips with campfire coffee and company meetings with high quality service. Accommodation and other outdoor activities on request.

Book your package or ask for more information info@lohijoki.fi