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Eliisa Marjaana Leather Workshop

  • Keikyä, Vakintie 15, 32730 Sastamala
  • P. +358 (0)44 513 1480
  • eliisa.marjaana@kponetti.net
  • www.eliisamarjaana.fi/

Eliisa Marjaana Leather Workshop

Eliisa MarjaanaLeather Workshop  is located in the village of Keikyä, in the town of Sastamala, about 60 km from Tampere and about 100 km from Turku. In the workshop, there is a shop and even a workshop theater, opened in February 2011. There are seats for 50 people. The group visits include an interesting work show and shopping opportunities in the store which has been recently expanded.

We warmly welcome you to a discover our workshop and store.