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Pitkäjärvi Recreational Center

Pitkäjärvi Recreational Center

Pitkäjärvi Recreational Centre offers customised accommodation and catering services for ice hockey teams according to your team’s schedule and needs.

It is located in Kokemäki on the shores of Lake Pitkäjärvi, about six kilometers from the city center along Köyliöntie (about 2 km from the Helsinki-Pori main road)

In the area there is restaurant, sauna, playground, summer cafe with terrace, hostel level accommodation and caravan / camping area. The restaurant can serve up to 140 people.

In the vicinity of the center you will find an ice-hockey hall, a golf driving range, a frisbee golf course, an athletics field, a football and baseball field, two tennis courts, a floodlit chewing track, outdoor trails and a beach (including jump racks and a beach volleyball court).

Here you can organise many sports club training camps, active camp schools for children and young people, and a Pitkis-Sport exercise camp for children and young people every summer.