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Restaurant Nacksby, Villilä Manor

  • Villiläntie 1, 29250 Nakkila
  • P. +358 (0)50 4445239
  • Ravintola Nacksby
    ke-la klo 17-23
    Muina aikoina tilauksesta.
  • ravintola@villilankartano.fi
  • villilankartano.fi/


Restaurant Nacksby combines fine dining and relaxed feeling at Villilä Manor in the municipality of Nakkila in Western Finland.

Villilä Manor

We wish you warmly welcome whether you come alone, as a couple, with a friend, or with a bigger group.

And when it’s time to celebrate or organize a smaller or bigger meeting, the cozy meeting rooms and salons will make your event unique. Manor’s classroom will offer you a different way to open your day, even possible with the accompaniment of a harmonium.

“In the old days, the days at the manor were full of work. Once a year, after the grain was harvested, a harvest festival was held. The hired workmen were allowed to take their wives and children to the manor yard to celebrate the end of the harvest. They were given a quarter of a local bread called Kakko and some sausages to eat.”

Restaurant Nacksby

In the Manor Cuisine, local ingredients meet the Mediterranean taste in perfect harmony. The beverages to be served with your meal are selected with love and piety.

Local food from the region Satakunta, known for its wide range of flavors, combined with Mediterranean flavors – our menus are designed to be enjoyed in good company.

You are welcome to Restaurant Nacksby to feel and enjoy the high-quality manor atmosphere or just enjoy a glass of sparkling drink in good company.

Welcome to enjoy your stay,
We wish you warmly welcome,
Terja and Kristian

Hotel Verstas

There is also a hotel on our yard. Hotel Verstas, located on the grounds of Villilä Manor, is a stylish and atmospheric country hotel exuding roughness, comfort, and tranquility. The hotel has 16 rooms, a sauna, a social room, and on the ground floor our hotel guests will find a cozy common room called Korjaamo. Here you will enjoy breakfast, or spend your time watching TV, reading, working, chatting with friends or whatever you want – the most important for us is that you will enjoy your stay and feel at home in this atmospheric red brick building which dates from the year 1935.

Villilä Manor History in Brief

Villilä Manor has had many owners, and its history is very rich and full of many twists and turns. The Manor used to be a cavalry farm in the 1450s. The current main building was built during the ownership of Law Speaker Kaarle Avellan in 1852. History reveals to us how the many owners have lived and used the manor over the centuries and decades.