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Restaurant Wanha WPK

  • Koskitie 1, Huittinen
  • P. +358 (02) 569 901
  • Open:
    Mon-Fri 9-15
    Sat: on request
    Sundays are closed.
  • myynti@wanhawpk.fi
  • www.wanhawpk.fi

Authentic experiences for everyday life and celebrations!

We prepare authentic and tasty food in an environment in a unique atmosphere. Lunch is served every weekday. Upon request, we arrange meals, parties and meetings. We also offer different tour groups. This is a unique place to stop to enjoy the delicacies of our kitchen in beautiful surroundings.

In summer, you can also enjoy the delicacies of the restaurant on our outdoor terrace and admire the sunshine near the river Loimijoki.

In addition to lunch, our cafe is open every day. Have coffee on site or bring treats to your home.

In connection with the restaurant, there is Ilona’s Rural Shop. In the shop you will find local delicacies, special diet products and handicrafts and interior decoration items!