Osta Satakunnasta
Satakuntalaisia tuotteita ja palveluita verkossa!

Tutustu tarjontaan


Säkylä, the home on whitefish, baton blues and grasshoppers!

Säkylä is a municipality of 5000 inhabitants, situated in the province of Satakunta in southwestern Finland. The municipality is known for the garrison stationed in 1963 in Huovinrinne on Säkylänharju Ridge, and for the large and successful food industry.

Lake Pyhäjärvi, situated mainly in the area of Säkylä, is the biggest lake in southwestern Finland. It is renowned for its clean and clear water and big yields of fish, and the maintenance of its natural state is secured by the common efforts of the inhabitants, of the municipality, and of the industry. Insects found nowhere else in Finland live on Säkylänharju Ridge. The fauna and flora of the ridge include several other rare and threatened species. No wonder that nearly half of the area of Säkylä is included in the European Natura 2000 Conservation Network.