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Satakunta is a place for everyone!

Satakunta is a place for everyone!


Olena de Andres Gonzalez

How touristic Satakunta could interest a foreigner visitor? In fact, there are a variety of interesting things in rural Satakunta for every person and family. Olha came to Pori from Ukraine with her two daughters (aged 11 and 9) in March 2022. She is a dentist and found work at a local clinic while the girls went to school. Then a question with leisure time appeared. Where can you go with children who speak only Ukrainian? They were advised to visit at first in Yyteri, the most popular place among tourists and locals near city of Pori.

Yyteri is a stunning place, mesmerizing with its atmosphere, sand dunes and the sound of the surf. But besides that, there are plenty of outdoor activities for kids and adults, ranging from ice cream kiosk and spa hotel to birdwatching in the Bothnian Sea National Park. Of course, the best time to visit Yyteri is summer. You could sunbathe, swim, fly kites, wander along the many kilometers of sand dunes and nature trails. Preiviikinlahti Bay is of international importance in terms of abundance and diversity of bird species. The best time for bird watching can be found on the park’s website. But if you would get to Yyteri in autumn, you could enjoy a leisurely walk, listen to the rustle of the waves, the whisper of the wind in the tall grass on the hills, breathe in the sea and pine trees, pick up berries and mushrooms, organizing grilling and drink hot coffee with nice homemade bakery in a local cafe and admire nature.

Yyteri beach is a 6 km long sandy beach with dunes and versatile outdoor activities in the area.

Olha did not want to go alone, and they invited friends. Julia and Irina, who have been living in Finland for a longer time and moved here from North Karelia. They gladly joined Olha’s family.

“After the first visit of the beach, we decided to come again, but for something more active and found an adventure park. Nastya (eldest daughter) loves climbing and in Ukraine she often visited various children’ activities, but she had never been to such a rope park before. She is delighted!”

Nastya skillfully handles сlimbing harness and smiles to us.

Lisa is younger, but there is determination in her face. She doesn’t want to give in to her big sister. Although Olha herself was scared at first, she went with the girls to almost all levels.

“I enjoyed climbing and rappelling on high speed the most!” says Lisa.

Yulia also liked the park very much, even it’s not her first time there. The girls also went mushroom picking and even found some despite the dry weather.

Some russulas will be nice to cook with potatoes at home.

Right next to the park there is a great covered barbecue place which comfortably seats 10 people and a huge brazier.

The marinated chicken wings and marshmallows, that we brought, turned out to be a great snack after such an active day.

In Yyteri area there is a variety of activities you can choose. Hiking trails and bicycle routes are laid along the coast, ski trails during the wintertime. In addition to ropeway adventures you can rent bicycles or scooters and you can choose your accommodation from camping, holiday houses and cottages or hotel. Restaurants and cafes serve delicaces or you can prepare your own meal at barbecue places.

At Yyteri we met Hanna from Pori, who used a fat bike for the first time and really like it. Indeed, this place one of the most popular among locals!

Also, the nearby village Reposaari is worth visiting. It’s like a small city with old wooden houses, camping area, long hiking trail on a seaside, local restaurants and beautiful old church in Norwegian-style.

Just create your own dream holiday in maritime Pori!

Find the tourism services and activities from Visit Satakunta and Visit Yyteri.

The article was written as part of project “Growth for tourism in Satakunta region”, which highlights versatile tourism opportunities in Satakunta region with the support of the Rural Development Program of Finland.